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Now keep growing up. Our Quality and Price is the reason why we can here right now. We can supply palm product with comparable price and with high quality product.

About Us

Global Palm Tree  is a project of  CV. Berlian Tiga Nusantara which is committed to providing high quality  palm derivative products . Our hope is to have many target markets for the commodity products we carry, because by opening up international markets, Indonesian farmers will be helped and can prosper and bring more agricultural products from Indonesia to the world.

In the beginning, our company was engaged in collecting the palm fruit from the farmers and produce it in factory, . And sell that derivative product locally.

Now keep growing up, we start to try global market. Our Quality is the reason why we can here right now.


Our Gallery

You can see our gallery here, click to checkout our collections. You can see our daily activity and products that exported to many countries and regions all over the world.

Our Products

Crude Palm Oil

Palm oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the mesocarp of the fruit of the oil palm tree.

Palm Kernel Expeller

One of the by-products of the palm oil manufacturing industry which contains protein, fat, crude fiber and is rich in minerals

Palm Kernel Sheel

Palm kernel shells are a by-product in palm oil production and are commonly used in the natural biomass energy industry.

Palm Stick

Sticks made of palm can be used for various purposes as needed

Core Value

Global Palm Tree has served customers from all over the world and it has become our top priority to meet our customers’ satisfaction and expectations.


Intensive Engagement with Farmers to Promote Better Lives


Integrity means telling the truth, keeping our word, and treating others with fairness and respect. Integrity is one of our most cherished assets. It must not be compromised.


We give the best products that we sell, and provide good service to our customers


Commitment is important where we will continue to provide the best to our customers all the time.

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